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Dongguan Junxing mechanical painting waste gas treatment equipment rushed

Dongguan Junxing mechanical painting waste gas treatment equipment rushed

Dongguan Hongsheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. undertook the project of painting waste gas treatment project of Dongguan Junxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. The spraying agent used in the painting process of the factory is mainly paint, and a certain amount of exhaust gas is discharged. The main components of the exhaust gas are paint dust (paint mist) and volatile benzene and benzene series (commonly known as Tianna water). Have a certain impact on the surrounding environment. According to relevant environmental regulations, it must be treated to ensure that pollutants meet the standards. After treatment, the pollutant discharge meets the first-level discharge standard of the second period of the Guangdong Provincial Local Standard DB44/27-2001 “Air Pollutant Emission Limit”.

       For the paint exhaust gas treatment of the plant alone, any method can not achieve the goal of efficient treatment, so we use combined secondary dust removal to achieve the best and efficient treatment. According to the characteristics of paint exhaust gas and environmental protection requirements, it is proposed to adopt a water bath cleaning process (wet cyclone tower dust collector) plus activated carbon adsorber adsorption process for comprehensive treatment.

1. The wind supply in the paint room: In order to ensure the quality of the paint, refer to the common practice of furniture spray painting, use the clean air blower to supply the air, and then set the glass fiber filter layer in the spray booth, it is difficult to guarantee the air supply quality.

2, exhaust: paint mist waste gas is generated in the spraying process, liquid paint oil under the action of air pressure to form atomized dust particles and volatile triphenyl and other organic hazards, higher concentration, smaller particle size, most of which are below 10μm, After the paint mist exhaust is cleaned by the water curtain cabinet, it has a good cleaning and degrading effect on the rubber oil. After further cleaning and treatment by the wet cyclone tower, it enters the activated carbon adsorption bed, and the organic gas is adsorbed and activated by the activated carbon in the bed. The gas is discharged from the upper exhaust duct at a high altitude. The purification efficiency of the method can reach more than 95%, which greatly improves the atmospheric environment.

       The wet cyclone tower dust collector is more advanced in wet dust removal. The effect of dust removal and desulfurization and spray removal in the boiler is particularly remarkable. The application is also very extensive, and the dust removal effect is better than that of spray and other wet processes. The gas has a lower moisture content. It not only removes more than 95% of the paint dust, but also ensures low gas moisture content and simple water filtration. Reduce the cost by ensuring the efficiency of the next process of activated carbon and extending the life cycle.


Post time: Jan-11-2019

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