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Activated carbon adsorption tower ordered by Guangzhou Guoguang Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

Activated carbon adsorption tower ordered by Guangzhou Guoguang Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

The activated carbon adsorption tower can adsorb and recover the exhaust gas of organic solvents such as benzene, alcohol, ketone, oxime, ester and gasoline, and is more suitable for the treatment of small air volume and high concentration of exhaust gas, so spraying, food processing, printed circuit board, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical industry It can be used in industries such as electronics, leather industry, latex products, papermaking, etc. The activated carbon adsorption device mainly uses the porous solid adsorbent activated carbon to have an adsorption effect, which can effectively remove organic pollutants and color odors in industrial waste gas. It is widely used in the end treatment of industrial organic waste gas purification, and the purification effect is good. After the gas enters the absorption tower through the pipeline, a diffusion process is formed between the interfaces of the two different phases. After the diffusion is completed, the gas is sucked out by the fan and discharged.


      Activated carbon adsorption tower process (main technology) features: divided into manual and automatic, compact and integrated, easy to install and operate and maintain; high filtration speed, large processing capacity, stable operation, less equipment footprint; filter material The intercepting capacity is large, the porosity is high, the friction is resistant, and the specific gravity is moderate.


       The activated carbon adsorption tower belongs to our company’s hot-selling products. This product is independently developed and designed by our company. Customers who are in need of contact are welcome to contact us because each user needs to deal with the concentration, temperature and processing volume of the exhaust gas. Users must contact our company when selecting, we will help users choose economical and value for money. The most suitable for the company’s exhaust gas treatment equipment.



Post time: May-11-2019

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